Michigan: Mixed Media

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Nikon DSLR // iPhone + VSCOCAM // Holga + Kodak Porta 400 // Lomo LC-A+ + Fuji Pro 400H


On a recent trip to Michigan my lovely friends Jill and Amanda took me out to experience "The Bowl" near Holland and all of it's wondrous glory. After lying in the sun and hiking through the sandy hills, I made new friends in Grand Rapids over tacos, whiskey, two adorable kittens, and a sunset from the magical Secret City. Amanda also took me up to New Haven as well where I drank in more of that giant beautiful lake - it left me wishing I had more time to explore.

Thank you friends old and new for your sweet hospitality and giving me a taste of your glorious state!  To quote Lord Huron, I will be back one day.

Film Explosions: January

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Holga + Kodak Porta 800  //  Polaroid One + Impossible PX 680  + Impossible Silver Shade iPhone + VSCOCAM app + AfterGlow app // Lomo LC-A+ + Fuji Pro 400H

A couple frames from Bolivia, the rest around the greater Seattle area

I've fallen in love with Impossible Project film, the punch of the Lomo LC-A+, and (again) with the simplicity of an iPhone (although it obviously doesn't fit into the film category).


"These are my awards, Mother. From Army. The seal is for marksmanship, and the gorilla is for sand racing. Now if you'll excuse me, they're putting me in something called Hero Squad." - Buster Bluth, Arrested Development

There is a moment when you meet someone and you know you are destined to be in each others lives. When I meant Dan, who I lovingly call "Danny Pants", it was one of those moments. We bonded over a shared love of music (including Sufjan Stevens and Radiohead) to Arrested Development. His smile is one of the best ever, and his jokes and laughter instantly cheer me up no matter what is going on in life. I'm so thankful for the friendship that has grown over the past year!

Dan is headed off to fulfill his dream after being accepted into the pilot program for the Navy. Before he flies out to start training I decided to take my camera out on one of our coffee dates on Capitol Hill. He makes me heart sing, and I love him with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Be safe Danny Pants, and expect lots of fan mail from us here in Seattle!




Sometimes no agenda is the best agenda.

When Carly, a friend and fellow Seattle photographer, posted online about heading over the mountains for a day of photographic freedom, I jumped at the chance to escape the lush greens of western Washington and head east. George (Carly's hubby), and Ryan also came along for the ride. We had a time to meet and a destination, but moved around with no schedules or checklists.

Exploring, wandering, and taking in the gorgeous landscape was exactly what I needed. Vantage falls onto my list of "happy places" as I used to spend time out there camping for concerts at The Gorge. It was a perfect little homecoming of sorts. The whole excursion left me feeling inspired, refreshed, blessed, and with a major case of ADD.

4 photographers strolling through the sage brush and geeking out over light. Thanks again guys, I can't wait for the next adventure!

Side note: Carly is such a hottie! She made it really hard to narrow down my favorites. Way to bring the eye-fire girl!