Jordan Klassen: Polaroid Series

Seattle, WA

I've been using the gorgeous Impossible Film for a project I'm working on with musicians recently and decided to give a camera that I dubbed 'The Bat' (a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar) a spin during a session with Jordan Klassen. The beautiful and tragic thing about old cameras that they are unpredictable; 'The Bat' worked correctly for one photo and then decided to go off on it's own agenda after that. Thankfully it all turned out to be a happy accident and created this pretty little series.

Keep your eyes open for more on my polaroid series as it develops over the next few months.

Michigan: Mixed Media

[gallery columns="1" size="full" ids="5560,5561,5562,5563,5564,5565,5567,5566,5568,5569,5571,5570,5573,5574,5575,5576,5581,5579,5577,5587,5584,5586,5582,5589,5597,5593,5594,5590,5595,5598,5592,5601,5602,5604,5607,5617,5603,5605,5608"]

Nikon DSLR // iPhone + VSCOCAM // Holga + Kodak Porta 400 // Lomo LC-A+ + Fuji Pro 400H


On a recent trip to Michigan my lovely friends Jill and Amanda took me out to experience "The Bowl" near Holland and all of it's wondrous glory. After lying in the sun and hiking through the sandy hills, I made new friends in Grand Rapids over tacos, whiskey, two adorable kittens, and a sunset from the magical Secret City. Amanda also took me up to New Haven as well where I drank in more of that giant beautiful lake - it left me wishing I had more time to explore.

Thank you friends old and new for your sweet hospitality and giving me a taste of your glorious state!  To quote Lord Huron, I will be back one day.

Vegas 2013: Mixed Media

iPhone + VSCOCAM & AfterGlow // Polaroid One + Impossible Silver Shade & Impossible PX 680 Holga + Kodak Porta 800 // Lomo LC-A+ + Fuji Pro 400H // Disposable Kodak  


Each year WPPI holds a massive wedding photographer conference in Las Vegas. This was my first year attending and I was thrilled to hang out with a ridiculously talented crew of photographers. There was a surprise wedding vow renewal, a clown-car-packed ride out to the desert, a mega dance party at Lazers & Blazers, confetti that followed everyone home, and a little Henney. Thank you friends for all of the shenanigans and the permanent smile that hasn't left my face - you guys are a total blessing.

Film Explosions: January

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Holga + Kodak Porta 800  //  Polaroid One + Impossible PX 680  + Impossible Silver Shade iPhone + VSCOCAM app + AfterGlow app // Lomo LC-A+ + Fuji Pro 400H

A couple frames from Bolivia, the rest around the greater Seattle area

I've fallen in love with Impossible Project film, the punch of the Lomo LC-A+, and (again) with the simplicity of an iPhone (although it obviously doesn't fit into the film category).