Sometimes no agenda is the best agenda.

When Carly, a friend and fellow Seattle photographer, posted online about heading over the mountains for a day of photographic freedom, I jumped at the chance to escape the lush greens of western Washington and head east. George (Carly's hubby), and Ryan also came along for the ride. We had a time to meet and a destination, but moved around with no schedules or checklists.

Exploring, wandering, and taking in the gorgeous landscape was exactly what I needed. Vantage falls onto my list of "happy places" as I used to spend time out there camping for concerts at The Gorge. It was a perfect little homecoming of sorts. The whole excursion left me feeling inspired, refreshed, blessed, and with a major case of ADD.

4 photographers strolling through the sage brush and geeking out over light. Thanks again guys, I can't wait for the next adventure!

Side note: Carly is such a hottie! She made it really hard to narrow down my favorites. Way to bring the eye-fire girl!