Jayme & John: Kiana Lodge


As predicted from their engagement session I did not escape Jayme and John's wedding without tears. They were married on a quiet September morning at the lush Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo, WA. Between the pastor's emphasize on how patience pays off while waiting for the right person and the huge smiles that never left their faces, it was evident that their love story was one for the books. It's relaxed easy flowing weddings like these fill my romantic heart to the brim.

Shout out to Jenny Linquist for coming out as my second shooter, a few of images above are her handy work.

Jayme & John: Kiana Lodge (Peek)

Yesterday during the 'First Look' John started praying with Jayme, and I had to fight back tears and keep shooting. Usually during a wedding I have to gather myself at least once, and tender moments like these kill me. This is why I love what I do.

I'm currently getting caught up on weddings, sessions, and music, so keep your eyes peeled for a bunch or new work coming out in the next month!