Linda & Mike: Lincoln Park

"We forgot to thank the water!" Linda exclaimed to Mike as the sun went down along the beach during their photo session. She explained to me how Mike is an avid sea kayaker and before he sets out he takes the time to dip his hand into the waves for a moment of gratitude. Mike proposed to Linda close to where we were taking photos, and after she said "yes" they carried on the tradition. Hearing all of this I knew instantly what needed to be done and minutes later I was nearly knee deep in Puget Sound as they took the time to say "thank you" once more.

Bits of information like this are what make my heart pound and are why I relish in having portrait sessions in places that hold meaning. Whether it's long walks around Greenlake, making a nod to meeting on the bus, the spot where it became official, or a regular trip to a book store, being in a natural environment is perfect. Sure beautiful backdrops are epic (and a photographers playground), but when it all boils down it's the love between two people that drives me. (Have I mentioned that I'm a hopeless romantic? Oh I have? Well...)

Thank you for letting me in on these traditions Linda and Mike, I'm looking forward to being there for the next step!