Jayme & John: Edmonds

When I met Jayme and John I instantly saw how much they adored one another. Jayme explained how she had made a pact to sign up for an online dating service with her friend and even though her friend backed out last minute, Jayme followed through just to see what would happen. Good thing she did because she met John and the rest is history. As we walked around Edmonds they couldn't keep their eyes off of each other, laughing at jokes or stealing kisses. "There was this girl Amber with a camera and she just had us kissing all the time!" John teased at one point. Truth be told they needed no prompting as they were lost in their own little world and I was just a bystander melting over how beautiful their devotion was. "This is why I love my job," I told them as we parted ways after a gorgeous pacific northwest sunset. And truly, couples who are so enamored with each other that they forget there is a lens pointed at them - yes, that is exactly why I love my job. I feel so blessed by couples like Jayme and John, and I can not wait to witness their vows in September!

I posted a two frames of these two cuties session before, so don't overlook those goodies either.