Favorite KEXP In Studios of 2014

What a year it's been - I photographed 38 In Studios at KEXP this year. Here are some of my favorite sessions from 2014:

1. Shakey Graves - View Photos

The first time I saw Shakey Graves was smack-dab in the middle of covering Sasquatch! at the Gorge this year. It only took a few guitar licks into his set for me to fall hard for his charismatic stage presence. It ended up being one of the few sets I watched in full during the festival. When he came around to the studio in August, he did not disappoint with his banter during the interview, suitcase drum and BFF Boo. Highlight Song: "If Not For You". 


2. Operators - View Photos

Walking into the studio before Operators set I was greeted with a giant spread of synths, buttons, and numerous electronics-- I still have no idea what they are called or what they do. But every sound that came through was not from a laptop creating a pulsing powerful song. Operators is the latest project from Dan Boeckner (Handsome Furs, Wolf Parade) and it is drenched in his sound. Add Devojka orchestrating that electro galaxy with Sam Brown drumming and you just can't help but get lost in dance. Highlight Song: "Ancient". 

Operators @ KEXP 08-04-2014

Operators @ KEXP 08-04-2014


3. The Barr Brothers - Photos from their show at The Tractor

It's no secret how much I cherish The Barr Brothers music-- I danced with my husband to 'Beggar In The Morning' at our wedding in September, and I tell anyone about their music whenever I get the chance. Though I did not photograph their in studio, I did have the pleasure of photographing their show at the Tractor Tavern for KEXP. Truly masters and creators on their craft, I cannot help but be mesmerized and inspired by these musicians. Highlight Song: "Love Ain't Enough".




4. Black Pistol Fire - View Photos

Usually before I photograph a band I do a little research so I know what I'm getting into. These two gentlemen were my surprise party of the year as far as in studios go. First, they flew out to Seattle just to do the KEXP session even though they were touring on the other side of the country. Second, they were two of the nicest musicians I've met through the station. Third, when Kevin McKeown managed to rock his guitar strap off, he kept playing and didn't lose focus. I think I've watched this session at least ten times since then and I can't wait for them to play a show in Seattle. Highlight Song: "Hipster Shakes".

Black Pistol Fire @ KEXP 5-7-2014

Black Pistol Fire @ KEXP 5-7-2014


5. My Goodness - View Photos

Although I've seen My Goodness several times live, I never get tired of the energy they bring to their performances. The combination of Joel Schneider's urging vocals, Andy Lum's explosive drumming and the latest addition of Cody Votolato's thundering bass proved that they brought their A Game to the studio. Watching Andy drum is always amusing - between the faces and the power with which he hits the drums, I'm not sure how he can function afterwards. Highlight Song: "Check Your Bones".

My Goodness

My Goodness


6. Diarrhea Planet - View Photos

If you're looking for a good time, listen to Diarrhea Planet. No seriously-- watch these guys and try not to laugh. Add a wall of guitars, shredding riffs and charming banter, and you've got this gang of six. This session makes me happy just re-watching it - get ready to party with this one! Highlight Song: Lite Dream

Diarrhea Planet @ KEXP 08-06-2014 (May not be used without permi

Diarrhea Planet @ KEXP 08-06-2014 (May not be used without permi


7. Big Scary - View Photos

Australia's Big Scary made the radio station the first stop on their Barsuk tour this year. The melodic drumming and key tickling made this session the soundtrack to my day dreams and lazy mornings in 2014. Highlight Song: Twin Rivers

Big Scary Live at KEXP - Photo By: Amber Zbitnoff

Big Scary Live at KEXP - Photo By: Amber Zbitnoff




Do Not Miss: St. Paul & the Broken Bones

I can't go without mentioning St. Paul & the Broken Bones in studio this April. While I wasn't in the station for this one I can't stop watching it. If you haven't familiarized yourself with their music do so as soon as possible. Highlight Song: Call Me


To check out more of the photo sets I've taken for KEXP, visit this link to KEXP's flickr page. I can't wait to see who stops by in 2015!