Minus The Bear at The Comet Tavern

Minus The Bear first came onto my radar back when I was in high school with the song "Just Kickin' It Like A Wild Donkey". Fast forward ten years, numerous live shows and five full-length albums, and these gentlemen still remain one of my favorite bands. With the release of their new album Infinity Overhead and it also being political season, the MTB crew put on a small show at The Comet Tavern on Capitol Hill in support of Referendum 74. If you have never seen Minus The Bear live, you are missing out. The energy that Jake, Dave, Cory, Erin and Alex bring solidifies them as a killer Seattle bred act. To sum it up: they are all crazy talented. Hearing 70% of the new album live is also how I now want to explore every new album - "Diamond Lightning" and "Toska" are currently on repeat.

Check out Lindsey's full review on CultureMob.com here for the whole break down of the evening. Thank you guys for putting on yet again another awesome show, and consistently providing a soundtrack to my life.